Lady Gaga’s ring at the 2018 Grammys has fans wondering if she’s working with Taylor Swift

The 2018 Grammys just started, and it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga has already stolen the show. It isn’t just her breathtaking performance or well-deserved nominations that has people talking — it’s also, of course, what she’s wearing. After taking a look at her accessories for the night, a lot of people were left wondering: is Lady Gaga’s ring a sign she’s working on something with Taylor Swift?

That sounds a little out of left field, but hear us out. Gaga walked the Grammys red carpet in a gorgeous, custom black Armani Prive jumpsuit with a dramatic black skirt. Her ensemble was beautiful, but it was her jewelry that really made the strongest statement (specifically, the rings she was wearing). One was her jaw-droppingly huge pink diamond engagement ring (Gaga reportedly got engaged to Christian Carino over the summer).

The other was Gaga’s giant glittery black snake ring, and Twitter noticed it pretty quickly.


If you’ve paid attention to pop culture at all in the last few years, you know that snakes have become basically synonymous with Taylor Swift. Kim Kardashian-West used the snake emoji when she exposed Taylor’s conversation with Kanye West on Snapchat. After that, Swift went with it and made the snake her own, using it in a lot of imagery for her new album, Reputation, and music videos for her new songs.

Swift even sells snake merch! As fans pointed out, Gaga’s black snake ring looks remarkably similar to the snake ring Swift sells:


Of course, fans started freaking out over the comparison as they wondered what it might mean. It could just be that Gaga was showing that she supports Swift. But it could also be something huge and amazing, like a little sign that Gaga and Swift are collaborating on something.

Fans went wild with theories:

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Some users aren’t buying it, though, and pointed out that Gaga’s ring could also be by Lorraine Schwartz, a popular jewelry designer in Hollywood. false

Okay, but can you imagine a song created by both Gaga and Swift? It would easily be the best song of our time, or at least one of the best songs of our time. It’s almost too incredible to imagine.

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