Lady Gaga is practicing for the Super Bowl halftime show in her backyard because why not

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. And there are all sorts of reasons to get excited about it. Some people look forward to the game, while others live for the funny commercials.

And fans of Lady Gaga simply cannot wait for her Super Bowl performance — and we get it.

The Joanne singer has been hard at work preparing for the major event. And she hasn’t had to go very far to practice. In fact, she’s brought Super Bowl rehearsals to the comfort of her own home. Well, at least, her own backyard.

Gaga explained the giant tent and the crew with her in her Instagram caption.

She said, "SuperBowl Rehearsal is so fun. We built a tent in my backyard with a dancefloor to practice! We love you monsters, can't wait to perform for u!"

How awesome is it to just set up a mini stage in your backyard and have fun with your friends? Of course, we know Gaga is serious about putting up an amazing show. But it’s still making all our childhood dreams of playing pretend in the backyard come true.

But Lady Gaga isn’t just practicing her dancing.

She’s also working her butt off to get in great shape.

We totally admire her dedication to getting herself in killer shape for the show. We have no doubt given her talent and charisma that it will be an absolutely awe-inspiring performance.

Even if we’re spending much of the February 5th watching The Puppy Bowl, we’ll be sure to tune in to at least see Gaga shine.

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