Lady Gaga dyed her hair bubblegum pink to celebrate this A Star Is Born milestone

Though it seems that Lady Gaga has dyed her hair almost every color under the sun, it’s been a minute or two since the singer and actress diverged from her platinum blonde locks. But in celebration of her A Star Is Born soundtrack hitting the double-platinum milestone (and having sold six million copies worldwide), Gaga, obviously tickled pink with excitement, decided to dye her hair to match her emotions.

Gaga, who has sported blush and peachy pink hair before, opted for full highlighter pink this time in the salon chair. Both she and her hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras, call this shade “pink platinum,” and we love this platinum theme going on in Gaga’s life at the moment.

"A year ago, A Star was Born, and here we are 6 times pink platinum," Gaga captioned an October 5th Instagram post, in which she holds her double-platinum plaque.

The style is a little 1940s, a little 1980s, and a lot of Gaga goodness.

Aspiras also posted a pic of Gaga’s new ‘do on his Instagram, yesterday, October 7th—and he spilled his secrets on how he made this hair magic happen.

“Hair color created using @joico Color Intensity In Soft Pink at roots and Soft Pink mixed with Clear on rest of hair,” Aspiras wrote in the caption of his post. “Glamour Pin-Up waves created using @ghd_northamerica One Inch Classic Curl Iron.”

We’re not entirely sure we could pull off this hot pink hair like Gaga can. But knowing the formula to get the look is tempting us to go platinum pink.

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