Lady Gaga performed at a $10 million wedding, and it’s the most opulent thing we’ve ever seen

Lady Gaga is probably one of the most wanted singers on everyone’s dream wedding list, right? Well, if you’re Lolita Osmanova, the daughter of Armenian energy tycoon Eldar Osmanova, you can totally book Lady Gaga to perform at your $10 million wedding.

As The Daily Mail reported, Gaga was part of the massive and opulent wedding, which allegedly saw the couple spend nearly $500,000 on flowers alone. It’s a far cry from the Dive Bar tour the singer announced last month.

The wedding took place at the iconic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (!), and included a plethora of classical violinists and thousands of candles.

It was after the ceremony that Gaga performed a smattering of her famous hits, including the aptly titled “Marry the Night.”

Gaga also performed a stripped back, rockier version of “Bad Romance,” which could be an indication of how the song might sound during her Joanne World Tour, which kicks off later this summer.

Lady Gaga’s appearance was just one of the big events from the wedding, however.

The bride wore a custom Zuhair Murad gown for the ceremony, which is basically the most enormous wedding dress we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, this dress is like something out of our princess dreams. SO. MANY. SHINY. THINGS.

It also had one heck of a train.

After the ceremony, Lolita changed into a white number with so much white tulle.

What’s more, the wedding cake was 10 (!!!) tiers. Yep, 10!

Like Gaga, Jason Derulo was also asked to perform at the event.

The wedding decor essentially came from the pages of a fairy tale…

While the wedding may be the most opulent and over-the-top thing we’ve ever seen, we want to wish Gaspar and Lolita our warmest congratulations. This is one incredible way to get married, and we’re sure that they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives.

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