Lady Gaga dyed her hair a subtle new color that’s perfect for summer

When it comes to summer trends, Lady Gaga really knows how to bring us the fire. This summer, we’re all envious of this beautiful peach hair color Lady Gaga is rocking. And this selfie is honestly breaking the internet. From Gaga’s armpit hair to her hair color, we’re just obsessed with everything she chooses to do. Even the outfits she wears to go on hikes are getting attention.

At least we picked a great one to look to for our fashion advice. Lady Gaga is just an all-around amazing lady. But we don’t have to tell you that. Everyone knows how great she is.

Because who doesn’t love Lady Gaga?

And we also love her new hair color!

Now, don’t go rushing out and buying the peachiest hair color you can find. If you want more of the Lady Gaga look, you have to have a more understated color.

"Like a summer peach," she writes.

Now as you can see, it’s not an overstated peach color. If anything, there’s just a hint of the dye in her beautiful blonde hair. So what should you do? Well, Gaga’s look is a pretty good one if you’re into it.

Everything about Gaga has us talking at any given moment, but this look is definitely one we’re going to see around this summer. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s fresh, and Gaga is never wrong.

No, really, her looks are always on point, so why not dye your hair like Lady Gaga’s? Her new hair color is perfect for summer 2017.

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