This video of Oprah loving Lady Gaga might just make you cry

Oprah and Lady Gaga first met a decade ago, in the early days of Gaga’s career, when she was interviewed on Oprah’s talk show in 2010. And while we love it any time these two powerhouses join forces—like for their ELLE Magazine interview last fall—their latest venture will inspire you and make you cry, as only Gaga and Oprah can.

Gaga served as the inaugural guest at of Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour, presented by Weight Watchers Reimagined, on Saturday, January 4th, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the hour-long conversation, Gaga discussed a range of powerful topics, from the childhood bullying she faced to her fibromyalgia pain, which she says stems from the trauma of her past sexual assault.

The following day, Oprah shared a video of her backstage meeting with the “Shallow” singer on Instagram, and it will straight-up make you cry. Upon seeing each other after the show, the pair immediately burst into tears, with Oprah heaping praise upon Gaga for being so open with the audience.

"Can I tell you, you were so amazing? You were so good!" Oprah gushed as Gaga understandably began to cry. "You were so vulnerable, you were so truthful, you were so real. I couldn't even believe you were doing that! Oh my god you were so real, so good, so strong, so you! It was so good. Thank you for doing that for me."

“Of course I would. That’s what happens when you’re in the presences of an angel,” Gaga replied, melting our hearts.

As they continued hugging, Oprah added, “I couldn’t believe you were saying these things. And you were so vulnerable—nobody does that, and in front of all those people…” she added. Gaga returned the sentiments to the talk show queen, thanking her for “healing me and part of my life,” with the two agreeing to try and help “end the shame” surrounding mental health. We’re so here for that.

We don’t know about you, but we’re bringing this positive, women-helping-women energy into our 2020. Let’s be vulnerable with each other, help end shame surrounding “taboo” topics, and build up our fellow ladies, Oprah/Lady Gaga style.

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