Another ‘AHS: Hotel’ teaser, now with 100% more Lady Gaga

We are a mere three weeks away from the return of American Horror Story, but there’s still plenty of time left for another teaser. Though we’ve seen her multiple times before, throughout AHS: Hotel’s promotional material, now we’re getting our first real look at Lady Gaga’s The Countess and the darkness she’ll be bringing to Hotel Cortez.

At first glance, this newest AHS: Hotel teaser could very well be just another crazy-awesome Gaga video. Oh, but it’s sooo not. The video, “Above & Below,” appears to show us what’s going on upstairs in the hotel . . . and what’s down below in the basement.

We also get to see Gaga’s bedazzled and deadly glove that the Countess is — spoiler alert? — going to use to kill her victims, so she can suck their blood. Because she’s sort of like a vampire.

This season of American Horror Story is going to be THE BEST. Oh, and it will also include something about SCISSORS (??). Gaga’s excited. Are you?

21 days to go till the premiere, folks. We’re almost there. So check out the “Above & Below” trailer, uh, below.

(Image via YouTube)


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