The latest trailer for Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary offers an intimate look at her life with chronic pain

If you think you know Lady Gaga, trust us — you ain’t seen nothing yet. The mega superstar is revealing all in her upcoming Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, which offers a rare intimate snapshot into her private life. The film was shot over a span of eight months and captures the singer’s ongoing struggle with severe chronic pain, as well as her complicated relationship with fame.

"I go from everyone touching me all day, talking at me all day to total silence," she said during the film's latest trailer." And all these people will leave, and then I'll be alone."

Later in the teaser, she confides that she experiences “paranoia, fear, body pain, [and] anxiety.” The promo reveals a vulnerable, sensitive singer – far removed from the badass theatrical diva fans are used to. We see Gaga in the hospital, getting shots to treat her pain and talking candidly about her insecurities.

Basically, Gaga isn’t holding back, and she hopes that she can inspire some of her fans to do the same.

“I hope people watching this who are struggling with chronic pain, know that they aren’t alone,” she told Deadline. “[The film] was freeing… because there’s a degree of self deprecation that goes along with pain. I want people to know that I struggle with things just like them and that we need to stick together.”

Gaga added that she wanted the documentary to mirror who she is as a person and not be one of those sleek, perfectly packaged blockbuster productions.

“The most important thing in this process was that this film didn’t come across as big and commercial. For everyone who is watching it, I don’t want them to see how perfect everything is," she explained. "That’s simply not true. That would not be in line with me as an artist. The most important thing is to be authentic."

Doesn’t that just make you love her 10,000 times more?

Five Foot Two lands on Netflix September 22, so get ready to channel your inner monster ASAP. Plus, you’re probably, definitely going to need a box of tissues for this one.

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