Lady Gaga might be more excited about her Grammy performance than we are

Lady Gaga is one busy woman: fresh off her remarkable Super Bowl performance, the “John Wayne” singer is already back in the saddle. Her next task? Tackling the Grammys. And while we’re beyond pumped about seeing the singer strut her stuff again, even our enthusiasm pales against hers. Lady Gaga is giddy about her Grammy performance, which honors triumphs in various genres of music, and showing them what she’s made of. This year promises to be particularly spectacular: she’s sharing the stage with some of the true legends of metal, the band Metallica. So how does a world-famous, record breaking artist show her excitement (and fight off any pesky butterflies)? Partying and rocking out, of course.

To be fair, a Lady Gaga dance party might not be exactly what you imagine. The pop star is perfectly happy to party all by herself, as she’s shown in an assortment of videos featuring her busting a move in her giant, walk-in closet. For Grammy day, Lady Gaga prepared by jamming on her own and blasting Metallica — the perfect way to get pumped up for what promises to be a legendary performance.

To finish off getting into the ideal mindset for a rousing mix of pop and metal, Gaga then intends to party with the band itself — and we can’t even imagine the rock and roll antics that Metallica and Lady Gaga could get into. All this excitement will culminate during the awards show, which airs Sunday night. And with all this prep work work, it’s bound to be a pump up break in the show. More than that? This proves that even pop stars need to get pumped up, and listening to your favorite tunes remains a fool-proof way to get ready to rock.

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