Lady Gaga wore Michael Jackson’s jacket to Hillary Clinton’s last rally, we’re feeling EMOTIONS

On the list of celebrities openly supporting Hillary Clinton, exactly none of us are surprised to find Lady Gaga on there. Recently, Lady Gaga attended a Clinton rally in North Carolina wearing a jacket… that used to belong to Michael Jackson. The unique jacket definitely raised some fashion police brows initially, but the internet quickly came up with an explanation for her usual attire (we can always rely on you, internet.) Apparently, Gaga bought a bunch of Michael Jackson’s stage costumes at auction on his Bad tour a few years ago, and this jacket was one of those pieces!

This is super cool, but you can totally see why this unusual look got some attention — although considering Lady Gaga has also worn a suit made out of meat… maybe odd fashion choices shouldn’t be so surprising on her. false

It’s also super cool that it’s a jacket that has been worn ~politically~ before. Michael Jackson donned it when heading to the White House in 1990. So it’s got some neat history, on top of its already neat history.

And on top of her stellar wardrobe choices, Gaga also had no short supply of crucial things to say at the rally. Perhaps the most poignant at this turning point for our country, when the divide between the parties seems so large, was…

“If we are true, true Americans, then we must go from viewing his followers as our adversaries to viewing them as our allies.

Super important to keep in mind.

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