This is what that Lady Gaga and Metallica performance would have sounded like with working mics

When Lady Gaga performed with Metallica at the Grammys a few weeks ago, the metal monsters in us totally lost it. Even though Metallica lead singer James Hatfield’s mic didn’t work, the performance was still totally high energy. Gaga gyrated and crowd-surfed, and James shredded the guitar. It was a music moment for the ages.

But we’re still left wondering—what would a Lady Gaga and Metallic collab truly sound like, audio equipment actually cooperating? Luckily the Grammy gods have heard our cries.

Yesterday, Lady Gaga’s team released a video of the Grammys dress rehearsal on YouTube, and we are SO GLAD they did. Mother Monster and James Hatfield sound uh-mazing together.

The iconic Metallica song  — “Moth Into Flame” — isn’t really the same without James’ deep, growly vocals. And this version is IT. Needless to say, we love how good the Joanne singer’s vocals sound layered on top. Their harmonies are totally awesome.


If, like us, this video leaves you wanting more Gaga, don’t forget she just became the headliner for Coachella in 2017, taking Beyoncé’s place after she stepped down due to her pregnancy announcement. And if you can’t get yourself out to California desert, there will be plenty of opportunities to see Gaga on her huge upcoming world tour, no matter where you live.

There’s no denying Lady Gaga is on fire right now.

 But then again, when isn’t she??

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