Lady Gaga and Mattel are teaming up to create an amazing Monster High doll

You know you’ve made it big when you’re commissioned by a major toy manufacturer to design a doll. That’s exactly what’s happened to Lady Gaga. The singer/actress is adding “toy designer” to her resume now with a forthcoming Monster High doll. Is there anything she can’t do? She’s designing the doll with her sister, costume designer Natali Germanotta. Which is totally fitting, given Gaga’s Mother Monster moniker.

Mattel is keeping the doll’s look under wraps, but they did release a teaser silhouette of her figure. From what we can tell so far, the doll will be rocking bell bottom pants and have a seriously high ponytail. And look at those high shoulders! Knowing Gaga’s penchant for crazy wardrobe choices, this doll will be one of the best and most outrageously dressed ones you’ve ever seen.

But this isn’t just a collaboration between the Germanotta sisters and Mattel. The Born This Way Foundation is involved too. In fact, all proceeds from the doll’s sales will go straight to the foundation, which empowers young people to make the world a kinder place. Can you say amazing?

“The partnership with Monster High came to be around October [2015], and it was mostly to support the young people and elevate kindness, bravery, and acceptance,” Natali told Refinery29. “Monster High and the Born This Way Foundation are encouraging fans to commit to contributing to a kinder, more accepting, and braver world.”

The designer, who attended Parsons, opened up about the importance of being kind and being yourself—two things that are greatly inspiring the doll’s look and attitude.

“I like to live by a motto for myself: ‘Be the most vulnerable I can be.’ And through the collaboration, I feel like the doll really represents showing your unique self and being the most vulnerable you,” Natali continued. “I think it is really important to be honest with yourself and your friends. There is really no better way to live. It can sometimes be scary, but at the same time it is very fulfilling.”

Gaga’s Monster High doll won’t hit shelves until this fall, but you don’t have to wait until then to spread the kindness!

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