Lady Gaga looks like a stunning piece of silver in this eye-catching metallic dress

It’s a well known fact that we humans like shiny objects. That’s why we love the sparkle and bling of crystals and precious metals. A bit of shine makes anyone stand out. Playing on everyones love of a little sparkle, Lady Gaga dazzled in this metallic dress in London. Lady Gaga knows how to turn heads, and her eclectic fashion has been perfectly on point as she promotes her new album, Joanne. And, of course, she continued to rock her now-signature pink hat, which has been a staple as of late.

Lady Gaga looks like a precious metal in this eye-catching metallic dress.


Is that fabric actually made of silver? Because it’s stunning. We love the billowy shape of this dress, because it reflects even more light off the metallic surface. Lady Gaga shows off her waist with a belt to cinch the dress, and her shoes as usual make a stunning statement.

We also love that Lady Gaga matched her hat’s crimson flower to her red shoes.


Lady Gaga even added a crystal pin at the neck of the dress. Because there can never be enough bling.

Strike a pose, girl, because you look fierce!

Lady Gaga knows how to turn heads no matter where she is.

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