Lady Gaga just got a new dog, and we’re already in love with him

It looks like Lady Gaga loves adorable dogs just as much as we do! Thanks to her Instagram, we learned that Lady Gaga got a new dog, and based on the photo, it looks like he’ll get along just wonderfully with her other two canines.

According to Gaga, the new pup is currently unnamed. But, since Gaga is pretty good at naming songs and albums, we have a feeling that she’ll find some inspiration soon. That, or perhaps a lucky fan will figure something out that she’ll totally fall in love with. One thing’s definite — “Joanne” is already taken.

Here’s the adorable picture of the great puppy meet-up:

"I haven't named him yet but I call him both cowpig and moopig in the meantime!" Gaga wrote in the caption.

 He looks like such a cutie — we know he’ll bring so much joy to Gaga’s group!  Gaga’s cute French Bulldog pups Asia and Koji look like they’ll show their new housemate the ropes pretty quickly.

It seems like Gaga’s friend, Bo O’Connor, bought a sibling of this little bundle of joy recently, and Gaga didn’t want the two to be separated. Here’s O’Connor’s new puppy, who is equally adorable in every way.

Can you just imagine how incredible the puppy playdates must be? We’re already jealous.

Congrats to Lady Gaga! We’re expecting semi-regular puppy pictures from now on, since we need to see this little guy grow up!

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