Let’s toast to this news — Lady Gaga is launching her very own wine brand

Performing at the Superbowl halftime show isn’t the only thing on Lady Gaga’s plate. According to a report from TMZ, Lady Gaga is launching a wine brand appropriately named Grigio Girls. At least, the TMZ report revealed that her company filed paperwork to not only produce wine, but wine coolers and wine cocktails as well.

The brand name Grigio Girls is also the title of one of the tracks on Lady Gaga’s newest album Joanne, so the concept could promote both her music release and her upcoming wine release.

The song Grigio Girls also has a heartfelt origin. Written as a dedication to Lady Gaga’s friend Sonja dealing with stage IV cancer, the song itself details friends popping wine open and crying together as they mourn their friend’s sickness.

So, launching a whole wine brand under the name Grigio Girls name also serves as a huge expression of love towards her friend.

We sadly don’t have any details about launch dates or prices at this point, just passing whispers in the wind tunnel of the internet.

In the meantime, we can get pumped and emotional.


Just think, in the very near future, devoted fans can down Gaga wine cocktails while blasting her album.

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