Lady Gaga’s cover of ‘Imagine’ is exactly what we needed today

It’s hard to perfect what’s already been perfected—and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine‘ is undeniably perfect. But Lady Gaga, never one to shy away from covering an iconic song, performed a breathtaking rendition of the late Beatles‘ anthem of hope. And she nailed it.

Gaga played the song as part of the opening ceremony at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. The first-time competition brings together athletes from 50 National Olympic Committees across Europe, and the message of unity was not lost on the crowd (or on us), thanks to Gaga’s moving performance.

Sitting at a flower covered piano in a simple white dress, Gaga opted for a stripped down staging rather than her usual theatrical approach. The effect is extremely potent, with the artist belting out inspiring lyrics accompanied only by her own piano. The strength of her voice, which shifts from delicate to powerful at various points in the song, is simply amazing.

See for yourself.

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