Lady Gaga’s new eyeliner is already an Amazon bestseller—shop everything from Haus Laboratories here

Listen up little monsters: Lady Gaga is here to celebrate you with her brand new beauty line. Haus Laboratories, the line of vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free makeup by Lady Gaga is finally here—and it’s already being listed as an Amazon bestseller.

From shimmery eyeshadows, to pigmented lip glosses, and even an eyeliner that is reigning supreme as the number one best-selling eyeliner on Amazon right now, Gaga is giving us a million reasons to load up our carts.

Eager fans and beauty fanatics were able to pre-order some of the line’s products on Prime Day. Now, with the drop of the entire collection on September 18th, three totally new products have manifested. The whole line is finally shoppable, complete with a deep black, felt-tip eyeliner, winged cat-eye stickers, and a masquerade-style face sticker.

And with Gaga’s mission to spread self-love at the center, it’s the kind of makeup you can feel good about buying.

"They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at Haus Laboratories, we say beauty is how you see yourself. We want you to love yourself. And it is our mission to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention," Amazon cites on the collection's landing page.

The official launch comes after a ton of buzz, including some pretty awesome, minimally edited promo photos that showcased both Gaga’s and models’ natural skin tones and textures.

These products are all available in a range of colors and shades, and you can get them on Amazon Prime. (Two-day shipping FTW.)

Haus Laboratories Liquid Eye-lie-ner

lady gaga matte eye line er amazon haus laboratories

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You can never go wrong with a matte black liner. This best-selling liquid formula is waterproof and long-wearing, with a gentle glide for easy application.

Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Kit

lady gaga winged eyeliner sticker from haus laboratories in black

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For a little more drama than your normal eyeliner, look no further than these simple stickers. In a collaboration with Haus Guest Face Lace, this kit comes with the best-selling eyeliner and two sizes of winged stickers, so you can never be let down by a shaky hand.

Haus Laboratories Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder

lady gaga haus laboratories lip gloss

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Add a little shimmer to your eyelids with the long-wearing, blendable, liquid-to-powder eyeshadow that comes in several colors.

Haus Laboratories Le Riot Lip Gloss

lady gaga haus laboratories gloss in pink

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Having mirror-like lips is officially in, and this gloss is the perfect, non-sticky option to add to your makeup bag. It currently comes in six shades, each with a shiny, pearly, or shimmery finish.

Haus Laboratories Rip Lip Liner

lady gaga haus laboratories lip liner amazon

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A creamy, demi-matte lip liner creates the look of full, healthy lips and seals in color.

Haus Laboratories Armor Mask No. 1

lady gaga haus laboratories black lace eye mask stickers

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Perfect for Halloween—or any other occasion when you want to channel your inner Gaga—these press-and-go stickers are intricate and impactful.

Haus Laboratories Haus Collection

lady gaga haus laboratories full collection lip liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow lip gloss

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Shop the whole collection with one of the sets, and get a little bit of everything.

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