Lady Gaga just led a group meditation over Instagram Live

When tragedy strikes, some people find comfort in silence and deep thought. That’s why we think it’s amazing that Lady Gaga lead a group meditation on Instagram Live yesterday — it was a great way for her not only to connect with fans but also to bring some peace into the day.

Yesterday marked the deadliest mass shooting the United States has ever seen after a gunman took aim at a Las Vegas country music festival. Current reports state that 59 people were left dead, and well over 500 suffered injuries. Obviously, this was a senseless act of violence.

Invites like the one Lady Gaga extended are a solid reminder that there are so many people out there working to do good in the world.

"My intention is to provide a forum for us all connect to around the world, as a calling for world peace and inner peace," Gaga explained. "We are one body, I believe we can calm inflammation in the earth by calming each other."

Not only did Gaga do a wonderful thing by attempting to bring a sense of calm to her fans, but she also let them discover a wonderful way of finding inner peace. While meditation isn’t for everyone, it can leave those who practice it feeling a bit more complete.

Lady Gaga also shared some of her mantras, which are simply lovely.

We didn’t think we could love Lady Gaga even more, but the fact that she’s open about the importance of togetherness and reflection is incredible. Even if you didn’t follow her on Instagram Live yesterday, hopefully you managed to find a little bit of peace somehow.

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