Lady Gaga forgot the lyrics to “Bad Romance” and casually improvised the most weird and fitting replacement

Pop stars sometimes forget the words to their own songs. You may be wondering how that could happen, but pop stars have a lot of songs, y’all!

Lady Gaga recently kicked off her Joanne world tour in Vancouver and during her two-hour 22-song mega concert, she flubbed the lyrics to her most iconic song, “Bad Romance.

Hey, it happens.

Fans on Gaga fan message boards are currently debating how this could have happened. “Of all the songs, why did she forget the right words to her biggest hit?” one fan writes, while another jumps in with, “it was the first show, so she was nervous.

Yes, it was Gaga’s first night on the new tour and sure, maybe she was nervous, but honestly, the new lyrics she slipped in place of the old song were pretty fantastic.

She was supposed to sing, “I want your horror / I want your design / cause you’re a criminal / as long as you’re mine,” but instead she sang, “I want your horror / I want your design / I want the psycho / Baby in your mind.

What is this!?!? PYSCHO BABY IN YOUR MIND! It’s pure literature, what is even happening? Honestly, we’re shook by this spontaneous improv lyricism. We’re sure true Gaga stans are falling over themselves screaming YAS MOTHER SLAY GAGA!

Anyway, here’s the actual moment in question.

She doesn’t even miss a beat with these nonsense words.

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