Lady Gaga JUST got her driver’s license and celebrated with a “Clueless” tribute

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage like no other, especially because it provides you with freedom of the open road (and a piece of plastic that makes you feel like a total grownup). Yet, even if you’re already a grownup, it’s never too late to take part in this tradition. Just look at Lady Gaga – she just got her license because, well, she’s been busy.

Today, on Instagram, Lady Gaga shared this special moment with her fans. “Thelma and Puhleaaaze (And yes I FINALLY got my license after years of driving w an adult present and a learners permit),” she wrote, to caption an image of herself and a friend sitting behind the steering wheel. “IM FREE Rollin w the homies.

Based on her movie references alone, Lady Gaga has clearly earned her driver’s license. Not only did she create an A+ Thelma and Louise pun, but she also paid tribute to the movie Clueless with her “rollin’ with the homies” comment.


Now, we’d like to take a moment to imagine how awesome it must have been for someone at the DMV to conduct Lady Gaga’s driving test. Though, we hope that she didn’t have to end up using this Clueless line on her first try: “You can’t be the absolute and final word on drivers’ licenses?

Well, one thing’s for certain: No one can say that Gaga is a “virgin who can’t drive.”