Lady Gaga posted the most relatable ~chill~ photo of our perfect day in

Lady Gaga has finished a new album, and she’s in Nashville beginning a tour of intimate dive bar performances to introduce the music to her fans before her album Joanne is released. She has also recently been announced as the performer for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, so she’s got a lot happening in the next few months. In her downtime, Lady Gaga took a photo doing the kind of relaxing that we’d like to do forever.

Lady Gaga posted this photo of herself in a hotel room, and it’s everything we want for our perfect weekend.

Lady Gaga has literally everything you could ever need for the perfect weekend. She’s got a comfy bed with what looks like super soft pillows. She’s got the remains of a delicious room service meal, and let’s be real, if we could, we’d be brought meals in bed for days on end. She’s also got a dog for companionship, and he’s pretty adorable. And she’s got things to do, writing songs on her guitar and her typewriter. Now, depending on what we were working on, we might sub those out for a good book or an iPad, but overall this is basically our dream weekend.

Yep, we are totally going to try this for a weekend. But we’re not sure we’ll look quite as chic as Lady Gaga.

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