Lady Gaga nailed “baptism chic” with this head-to-toe hot pink look

Lady Gaga is certainly an innovator, and now she’s created a new style that nobody could ever have anticipated. On Saturday, Gaga attended a baptism in a bright pink ensemble. She completely nailed a look which she christened, “baptism chic.”

It’s no surprise that Lady Gaga looked amazing while attending her best friend’s first baby’s baptism. Because Lady Gaga looks fabulous doing basically anything, whether it be working out to combat her chronic pain or even dressing up as a solar eclipse while watching the celestial phenomenon. Her outfits are always on point.

Lady Gaga sure is heavenly, and she makes us want to go out and buy a bright pink knitwear ensemble to wear to our next special event. Who doesn’t want to look as chic as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta herself?

Here’s the post where Gaga unveiled her new look. She should probably trademark “baptism chic” STAT.

From the stunning color, the pleated knit dress, the matching belt and shoes and purse, she’s a monochromatic dream and we cannot get enough of it. As if that’s not enough, Gaga also posted pictures of the accessories that go with her baptismal getup. It’s impossible not to go, well, gaga for them.

Because look at these earrings! And that bag is the stuff of Barbie’s dreams.

Gaga also posted a picture of her walking up the steps of a private jet in the ensemble.

It’s the holiest Instagram post ever to grace our feeds. And if you scroll through, you’ll see Gaga with her friend and the actual star of the day — the baby being baptized.

It turns out that Lady Gaga was jetting off to another important event from the baptism.

The singer made a surprise appearance at One America Appeal, an event at Texas A&M University that raised over $31 million for victims of recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. And though she changed outfits from her amazing bright-pink ensemble, she still looked fabulous — obviously.

Gaga shared a picture with former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, so you could say that it was a pretty big deal.

From a baptism to a presidential charity event, Gaga sure had an eventful — and epically stylish — Saturday. Brandon Maxwell, the designer behind the hot pink ensemble, said it best in an Instagram post this morning. “You know what’s even more fun than wearing an all pink look on a Saturday? Wearing it on your way to TEXAS to perform for all 5 living former Presidents, donating your time and money, and using your gift to bring people together during a time of tragedy. That’s truly fashionable!”

Lady Gaga is the epitome of fashionable, in every sense of the word.

 Yass, Gaga!

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