Lady Gaga as a drag king on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is everything you need for a perfect Saturday

The thing we had no idea we needed to see has happened, and our lives will never be the same: Lady Gaga appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race as the most Gaga-licious drag king on the scene.

We already knew that season 9 of the show was going to be better than ever, but a Lady Gaga cameo on the season premiere was SICKENING. First, Gaga made her big appearance as herself, strutting down the runway with a mask over eyes. The queens knew something was fishy, though, spotting “a queen so female we can smell it.” Even contestant Charlie Hides exclaimed in a confessional, “That’s a damn good Lady Gaga impersonator!”

While Gaga flaunted her glammed-up, sky-high-heeled look, she was met with a soundtrack of “GIRL!” and “Oh my God!” and “Yes ma’am, honey.” Yes, it is so, so good to have this show back for a new season.

Watch Gaga’s show-stopping entrance:


Later, after making her big debut, we catch Gaga drag kinging as Ronnie, a tough guy from Jersey. And honey does Ronnie slay.

In a later conversation with the queens on the show, Gaga reveals her personal connection to drag.

In a heartfelt moment on the show, she tells the contestants,

"I have always really admired the craftsmanship that goes into what you all do. Drag has for me been an opportunity to leave myself when I didn't want to be me."

Seeing the queens with their sickeningly beat faces has us gagging! (Learn to speak Drag Race and you will understand.) We are all screaming YAS GAGA, as well as YAS QUEENS and YAS RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE because it’s all just so good!

We thank you, Gaga, and ask for more Ronnie, please. As for the queens — in the words of Gaga — “May the best woman win!”

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