All of the best reactions to Lady Gaga saying she doesn’t remember ARTPOP—seriously!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Lady Gaga’s Twitter has been poppin’ off lately. From “What’s fortnight,” to “Fame is prison,” to “can u eat too much chinese broccoli” (which is a no, by the way), Gaga has been holding court on Twitter for a solid few months. But one of her latest tweets has caused less laughing and more ~drama~ among her fanbase. Mother Monster supposedly doesn’t remember ARTPOP, and honestly, WTF is this supposed to mean?

On November 11th—the six-year anniversary of the drop of her most experimental pop album—Lady Gaga pressed “send tweet” on one of her most controversial statements yet. “i don’t remember ARTPOP,” she said to her 80 million followers and then some. And yeah, the Little Monsters weren’t having any of that.

ARTPOP was Gaga’s third studio album and included some bangers such as “Applause,” “Donatella,” “Do What U Want,” and “Fashion!” It was different and edgy, and it awakened a lot of things within Gaga fans. And yet…Gaga supposedly can’t recall anything about the album.

We’re not sure what kind of reaction Gaga was expecting. But obviously, fans are confused and…not so happy.



Feeling…hurt, upset, like we need to scream. false

And of all the Gaga albums to “not remember” she chose…ARTPOP? Um, does not compute.

Clearly Stefani Germanotta was simply trying to stir up some online chaos. And she was successful in doing so.

Because if she *really* didn’t remember ARTPOP, then there’s no way she would have capitalized the damn thing, amiright?

We know you don’t mean it. How could you?

Okay, we’re just going to pretend we didn’t read this tweet. That’s all we can do to not lose our minds.

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