Twitter can’t stop comparing “Lady Bird” and “Gilmore Girls,” and we’re here for it

Greta Gerwig’s masterful coming-of-age film Lady Bird, which centers around the relationship between a teenager and her mother, is currently taking awards season by storm. And now, fans are likening it to another famed story about a mother and daughter: hit TV series Gilmore Girls.

While the relationship between Christine “Lady Bird” and Marion McPherson is largely very different from the one had by Rory and Lorelai Gilmore — not to mention, that the film and show take place on opposite coasts — fans are noticing some similarities between the teens.

On Twitter, many have pointed out that both Lady Bird and Rory went to private high schools, and sported similar uniforms. Sure, Rory’s Chilton Preparatory School didn’t have a religious affiliation a la Lady Bird’s Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic high school, but let’s face it, there are pretty slim pickings when it comes to private school uniforms.

But while Lady Bird and Rory’s shared private school — and broken arm — experiences captured the interest of a lot of fans, it was the parallels between Kyle and Jess that really had people talking. The two high school guys each serve as the anarchist/outsider our protagonist shouldn’t be into, but still finds irresistible.


As one brilliant user @possiblyhan put it, the two serve as the “bad boy who reads” love interest for their respective protagonist.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot of thoughts about the comparison, with some amazed at how similar the two were and others completely aghast at the mere thought of a comparison. The whole debate even sparked its own Twitter Moment.


While later appearances from Jess make it clear that he’s leagues better than Kyle, who was the textbook definition of the worst, you have to admit that there are some spot-on comparisons.

Story-wise, we don’t quite think these similarities add up, but we’re definitely enjoying the debate. Lady Bird and Gilmore Girls each capture the early 2000s vibe so well that they could seriously be set in the same universe. And perhaps they are.

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