LACMA’s “Beauty and the Beast” and fine art mashup for SnapChat is a fairy tale dream come true

In the age of social media, museums and other cultural institutions have to struggle to stay relevant. LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, had a magical idea to stay relevant on Snapchat. LACMA took some of its classical paintings and gave them a Disney twist, adding in details that turn classic works into a Beauty and the Beast mashup. The museum created the mashup in partnership with Oh My Disney Snapchat. It’s totally brilliant, and they plan to continue the project with other Disney films and artworks each month.

LACMA began the story with this painting of the Beast when he was a spoiled Prince, and it is spot on.

Meanwhile, Gaston tries to get Belle to fall in love with him.

And of course, Gaston insists on marrying Belle.

And of course, what would Beauty and the Beast be without the adorable side characters like Cogsworth?

And Chip!

This is such a brilliant move. We can’t wait to see the next ones.

Well done LACMA, well done!

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