Laci Green is hosting an awesome new Snapchat show about sex

MTV‘s first-ever original Snapchat Discover show is finally happening, and it’s all about sex. The network has introduced Pants Off, an eight-episode series that will give serious and super accessible advice on sex and relationships.

The short-form clips will be hosted by sex educator and video blogger Laci Green from MTV‘s Braless. She’ll discuss all things sex-related — from the worst sex advice ever, to really good sex advice, to foreplay, to dating apps.

Exhibit A:


The serious vibe of the show is a little unusual for MTV, considering the network typically dishes out entertainment news and reality shows. But it seems like a really great thing for Snapchat users, since the demographic tends to be mostly teens and young adults — all of whom could benefit from healthy and safe sex discussions.

The show isn’t at all boring or dry though — Green is super fun and spunky, and she has some really great advice worth paying attention to that incorporates lots of fun graphics.

Exhibit B:


Check out Green’s best and worst sex advice:

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