These awesome “Labyrinth”-themed accessories are tempting us to trade everything to the Goblin King

It’s been thirty years since the Goblin King (a la David Bowie) first entered popular conscience, and yet he’s as present as ever. No Halloween is complete without a Labyrinth-inspired costume, and during the summer there is usually at least one outdoor screening of the classic film. As The Nerdist notes: “Fans regularly attend Labyrinth themed balls and dream of talking worms, but this week they can relive their favorite scenes every day as the movie celebrates its 30th anniversary on Blu-ray.

Below, thanks to The Nerdist and fans on the internet, are some of our favorite Labyrinth-inspired clothing and accessories that will delight the child (and, let’s be honest, the adult) in all of us.

Labyrinth Ello! Worm Slippers


Your feet will be warm and thank you for it. Your friends will be drooling with jealousy.

Pendant of King Jareth


As designer CreatorCraftsLLC notes: “Whether you’re headed to a goblin masquerade, spending time wandering a Labyrinth, or kidnapping little brothers with your powers of voodoo, this replica pendant of the Goblin King Jareth (as played by Dave Bowie / David Bowie in the 1986 film Labyrinth) will add a little flair to your wardrobe.” We can’t help but agree.

Labyrinth Knocker Earrings


Many of us don’t have doors to put door knockers on, but these earrings allow us to bring Labyrinth with us wherever we go.

You have no power over me! shirt


The climatic monologue from Labyrinth can now be a regular part of your wardrobe!

Goblin King Lip Balm


Because even Goblin Kings get chapped lips.

Labyrinth Makeup Pouch


No one is a better style icon than the Goblin King. That eye makeup! Come on.

Friend? Coffee Mug


We’ll take our coffee with a splash of Labyrinth.

Goblin King Bow


Because who wouldn’t want his face in their hair?

Worm of Labyrinth Earrings


Terrifying, or adorable? Either way we want them.

Labyrinth Pencil Set


Never has writing been so fun.

We want all of these and we want them ASAP.

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