“Labyrinth” just got the Honest Trailer David Bowie deserves

Frankly, I’m shocked this hasn’t been done before: the folks over at the ever-popular Screen Junkies YouTube channel have finally made an Honest Trailer for the delightfully trippy, insanely creepy film Labyrinth, which stars our dearly beloved David Bowie– and it’s not only the trailer we in mourning need, it’s the trailer Bowie deserves.

For those of you who have yet to be initiated to the cult of Bowie + Muppets = AmazingLabyrinth is a 1986 cult classic from Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Monty Python’s Terry Jones starring David Bowie and a young Jennifer Connelly.  Due to the mass cultural love for Labyrinth (seriously, guys, if you haven’t seen it– just stop reading this and go watch it NOW and then come back), Screen Junkies never expected to lampoon the film with an honest trailer. But after Bowie’s death last week at 69, they decided creating an Honest Trailer was a great way to honor “how awesome David Bowie was.” Man, he was awesome. And now I can’t stop humming “Life on Mars?” I might have to make it my ringtone.

The Honest Trailer has been met with mass approval on social media. I feel like the people at DETAILS nail it on the head with this Tweet:

Proudly declaring “David Bowie steals every scene he is in as Jareth the Goblin King,” Screen Junkies get in some good-natured ribbing, describing the Goblin King as “a magical creature that can only be described as David Bowie … in a performance so iconic, you won’t even care he’s playing a kidnapper with the hots for a 16-year-old.” Yup. How are we all not re-watching this film right now? Oh, David Bowie, how I miss you, and your insanely tight pants.

(Image via Lucasfilm/Jim Henson Company)

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