Oh my goth: This lipstick collection is inspired by classic horror movies, and it launches soon

Get ready to pick your potion… your monster-fied liquid lipstick potion, that is. LA Splash Cosmetics is scaring up their most clever lipstick collection yet, with a whole set of goodies inspired by classic horror films. No trick! We can go ahead and consider this our first treat of the Halloween season.

The eight-part Classic Horror lipstick collection is set to come our way this October (AKA, just a few days from now), and the rich matte colors are indeed scary good.

Though the cult beauty brand’s packaging is spooky, the lipstick shades are anything but horrifying. There’s a vibrant purple tint dubbed Creature, inspired by the one and only Creature from the Black Lagoon. Drac and Frankie (obviously) represent Dracula and Frankenstein and offer mesmerizing burgundy, and dramatic blood-red tints, respectively.

And you’d be forgiven if, at first glance, you thought the muted brown shade of the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde variety was actually a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit tint. It’s not, but the warm chocolate shade is just a *smidge* similar!

Then, there’s also a greenie-good Ms. Invisble shade, named for The Invisible Man, that really is the polar opposite of invisible if you ask us. Phantom of The Phantom of the Opera fame gets a femme aubergine tinge. And then there’s Mummy, a soft brown-beige tint, for (of course) The Mummy.

Rounding out the lipstick collection, The Wolf Man gets a steel gray color, aptly dubbed Werewolf.

While we’re certain the Classic Horror lipstick collection is full of all the high-quality, cruelty-free, and gluten-free goodness we’ve come to expect from LA Splash, we don’t know much else about it. Like when exactly can we unload our bank accounts to buy these liquid lipsticks? And how much are they a pop?

What we do know for sure is this: based on the Instagram sneak peeks, we’re going to go ~berzerk~ when it drops. Because sure, these lipsticks are *made* for Halloween, but we fully intended to use them 365 days a year. Or until they run out…

While we wait on pins and needles for these bad boys to drop, we’ll just be watching our favorite flicks with the Universal Movie Monsters

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