Of course someone made a version of “La La Land” as a retro video game

Need more La La Land? You’re not alone! Someone actually made a version of La La Land as a retro video game, and it’s awesome.

We never knew that we needed a video game version of La La Land — or a video game treatment — but we were clearly not thinking. This idea is so brilliant, we’re a little upset that it’s not a real game to play.

Thanks to YouTuber CineFix, you can now imagine what it would be like to play a La La Land video game. The best part is that it’s a retro treatment, so you feel like you’re back in the times of video game glory.

The Oscar-nominated film gets a whole new look, with this retro game makeover and it’s definitely worth watching.

Throughout the 8-bit video game story, you go through Mia and Sebastian’s romance and all of their choices. Of course, there are mini challenges during every stage, fun chats between the characters, and funny quotes that will make you laugh.

The video game, which is an RPG, will leave you wanting more and wishing you could’ve chosen Mia and Sebastian’s destinies instead of just watching the game choose for you.

Stage one is also known as the “winter” stage. You begin as the Mia character and after you blow your audition you have a choice. Do you give up, or go to a random bar?

Spoiler: She chooses the bar.

Once you’re in the bar, you have more choices, all of which are sort of tricky. Oh, and you see Sebastian, who looks a LOT like the hunky Ryan Gosling.

As he sits at his piano you get to play along on the keyboard, old-school style, with the keys lighting up to lead the way.


In stage two, or the “spring” stage, you realize you keep running into each other, so why not dance? Yes, you obviously have to learn dance steps in this epic video game. It is simple too, all you need is a few arrows to kick, move, and go left and right.

Oh, and the bonus round for this level includes dancing in the sky. “City of Stars” anyone?

In the summer stage, it’s more about Sebastian than Mia. After he has a sellout moment, you again play the piano, but more like Guitar Hero. That means it’s a fast screen play, using your hands to play music at a quick pace.

The final stage takes place in fall when you must decide whether or not to stay in LA or go home to Boulder.

You sadly leave town, but quickly have to head back for another audition. And how do you get to LA? You drive, race car style as fast as possible — without hitting cars or cactus — to get to Hollywood as fast as you can.

In the end you must choose your destiny…follow your passion, or pick the guy/girl? What a tough decision! If only we could play this for real!