Watch a bunch of performers dance on the side of a building, because “La La Land”

We still have a literally endless list of questions about why the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, declared today La La Land day…and a lot of Scandal-worthy theories about how Mayor Garcetti is clearly in the pocket of film studios since he orchestrated this event the day of the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray for the movie — convenient, EH? Where’s Liv when you need her?

But we have to admit, the result is pretty delightful.


(Whispers, even if we’re ALSO still wondering when Moonlight Day is, since that’s the film that actually won the Academy Award for Best Film. WE NEED ANSWERS, MR. MAYOR.)

We saw the dancers rehearsing on (yes, on) the city hall yesterday, but this morning was the actual performance, and it really progressed well from a bunch of brightly dressed people flailing from a building, as we all noted sitting in traffic.

We’re still not entirely sure why this is happening and we’re adding to our list of questions “could you actually SEE anything from below where people were asked to attend to watch this confusing event?” Because while the drone footage is pretty dope, and the dancers are obviously serious badasses for dancing midair while dangling from a building (we trust literally nobody enough to hold that rope), we can’t imagine you’d be able to see much.


Still, this is Los Angeles, where inexplicable entertainment industry events are a daily occurrence (has anybody else heard about the US reboot of Misfits because somebody needs to stop agreeing to hold Hollywood’s beer) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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