“La La Land” just won the Critics’ Choice Award for best picture, and now we *really* need to see it

We’ve been hearing about La La Land for a large part of the year. Luckily, it debuted in limited theaters on December 9th. But if you missed it this weekend, here’s another reason to catch it soon — La La Land just won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Picture.

The film, which stars the incredible duo of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, just keeps on blowing critics away.

The plot of the movie is pretty intriguing itself — it focuses around a struggling actress (played by Stone) and a jazz pianist (played by Gosling) who find a connection after both trying to make it in the business.


Not only does the film have a sense of humor, but it’s got music and an incredible production behind it. Plus, uh — we did mention earlier that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are in it, right?

The film competed against nine others, including Hacksaw Ridge, Manchester By The Sea, and Sully. In total, the film received 12 nominations, which is pretty huge.

While Best Picture is the big one, the film also took home awards for Best Composer, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Editing. So, what these awards are trying to tell us is that this movie is simply the best of the best.

We’re hoping that La La Land is released in more theaters soon. No matter what, we know we’ll be seeing it one way or another!

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