Oh, so Kylo Ren might not actually be wearing super high waisted pants in “Last Jedi”

Easily the best part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is — drumroll, please — Kylo Ren’s shirtless scene! Search your feelings, you know it to be true. The scene was sudden and unexpected, and immediately established a weird, uneasy connection between Kylo and Rey, via their Force Skype. Out of all the scenes in Last Jedi, it’s one of the most talked about (for obvious reasons), but did you know that Kylo Ren might not actually be wearing high-waisted pants after all?

As soon as you get over the shock of the scene and start, uh, really taking in Kylo’s large and wide frame (sorry, I am literally just telling the truth here), you notice that he is wearing stupid high pants. Like, ridiculously high-waisted pants, that go up mid-way his torso. Certainly people can wear high-waisted pants in space, and maybe that’s the current fashion trend for the First Order. Maybe Hux is also wearing high-waisted pants.

However, his pants might not actually be that high-waisted at all. We might be politely joking about his stupid high pants, but have you considered the fact that Kylo is actually wrapped in a bandage?

Okay, so if you remember, at the end of Force Awakens Chewbacca shoots Kylo after Kylo stabs his dad, Han Solo (wow, rude). Kylo is injured around his stomach/side We later see this, when he heads out into the woods to fight Rey and Finn, and punches his side and it bleeds, and honestly, that’s kinda weird Kylo.


We know he gets a face injury and clearly wears a bandage to cover it up. But have we all forgotten about his other wound? What happens if the pants we’re making fun of looking at aren’t really pants, but an all-black bandage? It’s possible. If you look closely at his pants, you can see that there’s clearly a waistband of sorts — it might be a giant bandage. false

And of course it’s a black bandage, since black on black is Kylo’s color scheme. Can you imagine him walking into the First Order infirmary and being like “I don’t want to beige bandage, color it black.” 

Since Last Jedi is still in theaters, and no one at Disney/Lucasfilm will send me a high-res photo of that shirtless scene (not that I’ve asked…), we’ll just have to wait until the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray to figure this out. And also screenshot it. And .gif it. And make it your desktop background. All of the above.