Kylie Jenner just awesomely stood up for Caitlin Jenner on Twitter

Whatever your feelings may be about the Kardashians and the Jenners (we know, WE KNOW, there are so many things to feel), what we can all get behind is the fact that this is a family that loves each other and sticks by one another when things get rough.

It’s been so thrilling to see Caitlyn Jenner receive so much love and support during her transition, and it’s also been upsetting to see her experience the backlash of transphobia. We were SO disappointed to see the post that Snoop Dogg threw up on Instagram that referred to Caitlyn as a “science project.” In the post, Snoop Dogg was promoting Akon’s  “Solar Academy,” which will supply 600 million people in Africa with electricity, which is thrilling news, and we get that Snoop Dogg wished this news had gotten more attention in a news cycle that was consumed by Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover reveal, but we wish that Snoop Dogg had been able to celebrate Akon’s awesomeness without taking an ugly shot at Caitlyn.

As the Complex reports, Kylie Jenner responded to this misstep on Twitter with a Grade A subtweet:

We love Kylie standing up for her parent and we love her message. It would behoove us all to examine our actions, level with ourselves, and really make sure that we are making a positive impact on the world. Way to awesomely remind us about what’s important, Kylie, and way to go to the mat for your parent, you just earned some serious daughter points there, dude.

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