Kylie Jenner reveals a sneak peek of upcoming new Kyshadows and we are SO excited

Kylie is working on a new eyeshadow palette and as usual, she insists on teasing us via Snapchat. Last month she posted this sneak peek of two palettes and we speculated as best we could.

Now she’s posted another preview — a forearm’s worth of swatches — and we’re back to our INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.

True Kylie aficionados have caught on to Kylie’s other way of teasing new releases. Long before she released official pics of her Kyshadows, she had been wearing the shades all over social media.

Could she have posted the new palette unbeknownst to us? ::taps chin::

There’s no grey in the current Kyshadow palette, could this be a one of those sneaky previews hiding right under our noses? This definitely fits into the moody autumnal vibe and that soft burgundy in her crease could definitely be one of the darker swatches.

Either way, we can’t help but be excited for her next release, hopefully she does another one of these epic deals to celebrate the launch.