The internet is convinced Kylie and Kim’s new lip kit looks like bacon

We get pretty excited when any new lip set comes into existence, especially when it offers wearable nudes. But this is too good: the internet thinks Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s lipstick looks like bacon!

Let’s back up a bit. So, Kim tweeted about their collection of nude liquid lipsticks (that are currently available FYI), posting a swatch of the four new shades. And naturally, the internet people sprung into action and compared these nude lippies to bacon. As in, like the hot sizzling bacon we frequently eat for breakfast.

Here’s the tweet that made everyone go crazy:

Aaaaaand the bacon-infused aftermath:

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They’re not wrong though…it does resemble bacon.

via giphyThe internet is a strange place, but oh gosh we love it dearly.

And regardless of the bacon comparison…we’re all for these lippies!

You can really see the difference in the shades here.

Seventeen notes that each lipstick is named after Kim herself, who we know adores all the nude shades!

Seriously, if you don’t yet have a go-to nude lip shade, now might be the time to get on the bandwagon. An understated nude lip might seem dull, but it is ANYTHING BUT. They work with both bold and understated outfits, and are the perfect compliment to a bold eye look.

via giphyIs it weird that we’re already waiting for Kim and Kylie’s next collaboration?