Kylie and Kendall hung out with an animal and none of us can figure out WTF it is

We *love* animals. Like, all of the animals. We might even call ourselves animal experts, because, yeah, we pay attention to what’s ~hip and happening~ in the animal world, from the birth of new pandas (which, BTW, are actually so scary looking) to all the coolest animals on Instagram. This expertise is why we were so baffled when we couldn’t figure out what in the world Kylie and Kendall hung out with on Instagram. Just, like, trust us. It’s not an easy task.

Faves Kendall and Kylie hung out with a... something, this weekend.

And we don’t know WTF it is. We are filled with doubt, and aren’t trusting our instincts at all when it comes to this furry friend. We’re assuming it’s a friend, anyway. It could be an actual monster for all we know.

See for yourself!

At first, we were like, oh! A goat! But then we were like… a llama goat? A yak? A pony?!


WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED? This is literally the last thing we thought would ever concern us, but here we are, spending our morning googling farm animals.

Kylie was, to say the least, less than helpful.

"A chicken!!!!!" Kylie captioned the pic of her and Kendall.


Thanks, Kylie and Kendall, for the bizarre added stress. So the mystery continues. Like, seriously, we would have hoped we’d master our animals by now, and yet, here we are, proving once again that we are failures in all things #adulting.