Kylie Jenner’s throwback pics of her and Kendall are too cute for words

Someone was feeling a little sentimental this weekend. And that someone was Kylie Jenner, queen of lipstick. The youngest member of the famous family posted two super sweet photos of herself and sis Kendall Jenner as wee lil babes. We always love a good Kardashian-Jenner throwback pic.

The first was captioned, “I just love this little cutie patootie.” It features a young Kylie and Kendall dressed to the nines (complete with some sort of face paint).

Look at these adorable sisters.

The next one seems to have been taken a couple years later. The girls are being hugged by none other than Elmo. Kylie looks a little unsure, while Kendall casually eats a snow cone.

Kylie has actually posted this pic before, on her own website.

"Kendall and I were huge Sesame Street fans when we were little! I remember being so hyped to meet Elmo (even though I look a little scared, lol). From the looks of the snow cone in Kendall's hands and the ponies in the background, we were at a realllly fun party!"

Kylizzle has a birthday coming up on August 10, so maybe that’s part of the reason for the throwbacks? She’ll soon be 20, and will leave her teenage years behind.

We can imagine her grabbing a glass of (something non-alcoholic since she’s not yet 21…) on a Saturday evening and pulling out the family photo albums. Maybe she’s reminiscing about her pre-Keeping Up With The Kardashians days, back before she was a makeup mogul and household name. Kylie and Kendall were just 10 and 12 years old when the show started, after all.

It’s nice to know these sisters are still so close, even as they both develop into adult humans with separate careers and lifestyles. Family is forever, after all. Happy early birthday, Kylie!