Kylie Jenner’s throwback pic explains why her new lip kit is one of her personal favorites

Kylie Jenner has every right to be super proud of her cosmetic accomplishments. Her lip kits are so creative and fun that it’s no surprise that they’re incredibly popular (and consistently sell out in mere minutes). It’s obvious she really puts her whole heart into her product choices and her passion for them is infectious.

Needless to say, it’s heart-warming to see the young style mogul post a throwback pic to her Instagram that gives even more insight into how personal these products are for her.

Her caption explains, “I did it for her?back when I only dreamed of having my own lip line.?16 yr old me would be so proud. @kyliecosmetics this new kit is so important to me.”

It’s so endearing to see that even such a hugely successful person like Kylie can remember her original inspiration and roots. Not only does the picture she posted show that her younger self clearly loved experimenting with bold lip colors and exciting looks, but it happens to show a very similar color she’s been most excited about in the upcoming line, the dark and trendy “Dead of Night.”

Seeing this is a reminder that when you have a dream, you can achieve it. She always had a clear passion for cosmetics and was able to turn her dream into a reality through hard work and dedication.

Tomorrow will be another big day for the young style icon since her new lip kit will be available again. And if they’re anywhere near as popular as the previous ones, there’s no doubt the older Kylie will continue to make her younger self proud.

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