Kylie Jenner’s stunning metallic skirt set is EVERYTHING

Jealousy is the biggest compliment, so it’s coming from a place of admiration when we say that one of Kylie Jenner’s most recent outfits on Instagram has us brandishing knives out of jealousy. While the knife brandishing part may be a slight exaggeration (we don’t condone violence here at HelloGiggles), Jenner did in fact post a photo of herself in a space queen metallic crop top and matching skirt that inspired a variety of feelings, most of which are tinged with envy and a desire to get this outfit for ourselves.

The shiny crop top and knee-length skirt make Jenner look like she just landed from Venus Fashion Week.

The shine bouncing off this outfit is directly communicating with Jenner’s homeland full of well-styled aliens.

Rather than groveling helplessly in fashion lust, we have gathered some Jenner-inspired outfits for your shopping pleasure.

This Embellished Two-Piece Skater Dress from Nordstrom, $118


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This Missguided Metallic Mini-skirt from ASOS, $25.50


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Pair it with the Missguided Metallic Cut-out Bralet from ASOS, $15


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This Silver Metallic Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top Set from Etsy, $44


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This Little Velvet Crush Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top from Go Jane, $21


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Pair it with the Little Crush Velvet Bodycon Skirt from Go Jane, $18


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This Birch Midi Skirt from Nasty Gal, $38


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You can pair it with the matching Birch Off-The-Shoulder Top from Nasty Gal, $38


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Now you can give off the same shiny, glaring space queen vibes as Jenner.

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