Kylie Jenner’s rose quartz hair just got even more intense

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than Kylie Jenner’s ice queen granny look, she one-upped herself and dyed her hair an absolutely stunning shade, which she called rose gold, but we thought it looked more rose quartz.

Either way, the new look had us wrecked. It’s so soft and lovely, and makes her look like a sweet lil’ unicorn!

So imagine our surprise when she put even more pink in her hair, basically a day later!

How gorgeous does she look in that golden hour light? And, excuse us, but did she match her lips to her hair? It couldn’t be more radiant! The color is slightly deeper and richer than before, giving her an even more mysterious and ethereal look, if that’s even possible!

Kylie is such a chameleon, there’s seriously no look she can’t pull off!

One of the things that we love about pink hair is that it’s so feminine and tender, but it’s also a bit shocking which makes it instantly punk-ish and oh-so-cool.

Kylie, we’ll never get tired of seeing what look you come up with next!

We don’t think we could even possibly guess as to what it could be, at this point. The only thing that would truly surprise us is if she went back to brown.

The beauty of rose quartz hair is that it ups the glam factor through the roof while still being a soft, romantic style. It’s just so pretty and ultra dreamy! Cue everyone we know running to their colorist ASAP!

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