Kylie Jenner’s new puppy wins at the nap game, is infinitely adorable

Kylie Jenner has a new puppy, and she’s all kinds of adorable. Jenner has been posting videos of the pup napping (because that’s what puppies do best) on her Snapchat (and an Instagram page created for her Snapchats).

The tiny dachshund is seen in two videos taking a nap. In the first video, Jenner clearly can’t control her love for the pup and accidentally wakes her up from a nap (all dog owners have been there), and the dog isn’t thrilled about it.

The second video focus on the dog’s crossed legs. Because when dogs cross their legs, it must be documented (seriously, this isn’t sarcasm… and neither was that).

And here’s a video of the dog being adorable while awake, just because.

The dog is seriously cute. That’s all. Carry on.

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