Kylie Jenner’s most-liked Instagram post is super empowering

This year, Kylie Jenner became one of the popular Instagram users on the planet. With 45.7 million followers, Kylie has some major sway in the social media world. And sometimes she uses that sway to post selfies, or show the world her two very adorable, festive pups. But what’s most interesting is when she uses her popularity for good, which is more often than people think. Like when Kylie launched her #IAmMoreThan campaign this past September to shed light on the issue of bullying. Or when she shared the stories of six individuals that had gone through difficult times, and highlighted their strength and perseverance.

But despite the positivity of so many of the posts that Kylie shares, people often associate her only with the way she looks and the superficial things that she is involved with. Which makes it surprising that the fourth most popular Instagram of 2015, and Kylie’s most popular Instagram post of all time is of her in her graduation gown, holding her high-school diploma.

How awesome is it that despite being a fashion and style mogul as well as a full-time television personality, Kylie’s most-liked photo shows her receiving her high-school diploma! And the caption is the best part, with Kylie thanking her mother for giving her this chance at a normal life and valuing her education:

Way to go Kylie. It’s awesome that you use your influence for good and it’s going to be so cool to see what you do next! (Also, if I could get my hands on some of your lipstick, that would be great. DM me on Twitter.)

(Images via Shutterstock, Instagram)