Kylie Jenner’s new midnight blue hair is currently the center of our attention

Kylie Jenner has changed her hair color yet again and, of course, we are still here for it. However, she didn’t do something super drastic this time around. The youngest Jenner opted for the subtle tones of navy, and it looks amazing.

A few days ago, she posted a Snapchat video saying her hair is basically destroyed from using so much bleach. That could actually explain why she chose such a muted tone. Going darker is always easier on the hair than a bottle of bleach, so the midnight hue is perfect for Kylie.

Midnight blue is also one of those great shades that looks different in every light. In the dark, it may just look like she has black or dark brown hair. Once she hits the light though, the color tonality is revealed. Depending on whether or not she lightened it beforehand, the blue will either wash out to leave her with a traditional brunette shade or it will fade into a really pretty smoky pastel shade.

We think this is her best hair color yet.

(Images via Instagram)