Kylie Jenner’s Madame Tussauds wax figure is insanely realistic

Even though there’s a teensy bit of creep factor, wax figures in the form of our favorite celebs are pretty darn cool. Someone we know recently unveiled her doppelgänger, and the likeness was SO accurate that she fooled her own family! Yup, Kylie Jenner pranked her family with a wax figure from Madame Tussauds. The set-up was great; she secured one-on-one time with her doll and then Facetimed her family, who apparently didn’t realize what was happening. Clearly, the geniuses behind the figure captured every detail perfectly. Even her signature makeup and lips!

Here, take a look at the two Kylies together (with a Snapchat filter to make sure nothing gets too serious). It totally does throw you off for a second.

Wow. A visit to Madame Tussauds needs to happen ASAP.

How do they get everything so…right? Here she is from head to toe.

Also, THAT DRESS. If we recall correctly, Kylie once said that iconic Met Gala dress was a little scratchy on her legs, but it looks so jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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Now back to the world of wax.

Remember the wax figure of Ryan Gosling? And the royal family in Christmas sweaters? They are making magic over there!

She’s a hard woman to keep track of (because she’s always adventuring) so it’s good to have a place to visit her whenever we feel like it!

Now in other Jenner news… Life of Kylie is coming soon! Really soon.

We’ll absolutely be tuning in for the shenanigans (as if there was ever any question).

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