Here’s why everyone is freaking out about Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats yesterday

It looks like Lamar Odom is well on the road to recovery. Lamar has been getting better and better, and yesterday, he celebrated Easter with Khloé and the Kardashian family.

The Kardashian/Jenner girls posted a ton of photos and videos of the day on Snapchat, and let’s just say, this family’s Easter went above and beyond: There were real bunnies for petting, Easter baskets for devouring, and even a visit from two Easter Bunnies (aka Kanye West and Tyga). And, also: Lamar. He surprised us by popping into frame quite a few times — he looks happy, healthy, and like his old goofy self.

Here he is dancing with Kylie:

He also wore some festive bunny ears:

Lamar also got into the Easter spirit with this fun Snapchat filter. (“Do something, Lam!”)

He posed for some pics with the girls…

And from the looks of it, Khloé and Lamar showed up together:

As much as we want to see them get back together (we can’t help it), we’re just happy that Lamar is doing well. The Kardashians will always be his family, and it’s wonderful to see them all together again!