Kylie Jenner’s angelic Halloween costume just made white eyelashes a beauty trend

After Kylie Jenner’s perfect 2016 Halloween costume as Christina Aguilera, we had been waiting to see how she would top it this year. We knew Jenner’s glam was going to be on point because well, it always is, so her ~Angel~ costume this year was perfection.

However, the best part of this look are those lashes!

Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada revealed on Instagram how they achieved those frosty lashes. “We frosted her lashes with white foundation and combed white glitter on the very tops of lashes,” according to the makeup artist. “Never thought I would like white lashes but I loved this look.”

We assumed they were just big white false lashes, but then again, Jenner probably has semi-permanent eyelash extensions year-round, so it made sense to paint them with foundation, rather than apply false lashes on her already faux lashes.

It’s hard to tell what the rest of the costume is like since Jenner only gives us a view from the chest up. However, when we realized that her costume was one of a pair, it made it that much better. Jenner’s bestie Jordyn Woods was dressed in all red, and together they made up the costumes of Heaven and Hell — or “fire and ice” as Jenner wrote in an Instagram caption.

Tbh, on the hunt for a white foundation to recreate this look. We could totally rock white lashes to…a winter wonderland party? New Years Eve? We’ll find a way!

Watch the lashes in action:

Yassssss, slay ice kween yasss!