Kylie Jenner’s fans dressed up like Kylie Lip Kits and we are lolling

It’s been said that you know you’re famous when someone decides to dress up as you as for Halloween. By that measure (and every other measure), the Kardashian/Jenner girls are really, really famous. I mean, we’ve all seen plenty of costumes inspired by the klan, right?

But somehow, the youngest family member managed to do something rare: This year, fans didn’t just dress up as the reality-star-turned-cosmetic-mogul — they made costumes to honor her wildly popular lip kit and other products. We have to say: We are super impressed, not just with Kylie for changing the makeup game so soon after launching her cosmetics company, but also with ladies who conceived and created such insanely creative getups.

You’ve probably seen a photo of two girls who totally crushed their costume, because their recreation of Kylie’s wildly popular Lip Kit was so on point, Kylie herself even shared a photo of the look on her Instagram page. That’s huge!

They weren’t the only ones who dressed as pieces of Kylie’s makeup — another girl shared an equally amazing recreation, and two adorable children took inspiration from the cosmetic line as well.

These are seriously so good!

Are you wishing you had chosen this incredible creative costume? It’s definitely a good one!