Kylie Jenner’s adorable dogs were transformed into “Secret Life of Pets” characters

Confession: Our favorite members of the Kardashian/Jenner Family are Kylie’s dogs. Norman and Bambi are the cutest little Italian Greyhounds, and we love it when they pop up on her Instagram and in her Snapchats. So when The Secret Life of Pets created cartoon versions of them, our hearts completely melted.

Kylie shared this pic on Instagram yesterday of cartoon Norman and cartoon Bambi having a conversation with Gidget (voiced in the film by Jenny Slate). Norman’s big round eyes are spot on!

The Secret Life of Pets also sent Kylie’s pups an incredible gift basket. She documented the entire thing on Snapchat, including the dogs playing with their new toys. Buddy the Dachshund was definitely a hit.

All of this has us wondering: What if Kylie’s dogs make cameos in The Secret Life of Pets? Let’s compare the dogs to the drawing.

Here’s another shot of Norman and Bambi as cartoons:

And here they are IRL for reference.

The movie doesn’t come out until tomorrow, so we won’t know for sure until then, but we’re definitely going to keep our eyes peeled!

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